The Gate Chrono, sometimes shortened to just 'GATE' was a chrono that ran from late Spring to late Summer in 2018. It was a direct sequel to Konozero, taking place roughly 10 years later. After a Gate openes between Assundtits and the Japan of the Autism World, the world is attacked by monsters led by the mysterious Ainz Ooal Gown. After pushing back the beasts, the Japenese military moves in to liberate the land from the tyrant. However, on two cybernetically-enhanced internal affairs agents, Raiden and Jetstream Sam who have to investigate a string of murders that occur within the Japenese military.

Prologue Edit

The story itself opens in Japan on what seems like an Average day... until the entire city is attacked by a swarm of beasts. Raiden, who was in the city at the time, manages to fend a good amount off, but not before being attacked by a giant mechanized monstrosity. He is almost defeated, but is saved by another katana-wielding cyber-ninja who went by the name Jetstream Sam.


Raiden defeating the monstrosity.

Case 1 - Arriving in Assundtits Edit

A couple years later, the duo are now rather good friends, both having found a strong and common interest in KFC. Both have also enlisted as special agents in the JPSDF -- the reformed military used to take the fight to the monsters. However, they aren't going to be fighting monsters. They're going to Assundtits to investigate the murder of one of the officers there.

After arriving, they are introduced to their superior officer, Master Chief. While often blunt, he's a lot nicer than the commander of the base itself, who has fun literally punting and punching the duo around the base. The worst part of it all however... is that there isn't even KFC in Assundtits. The duo decide to fix this by setting up KFCs of their own once the war is over. Next, they're informed of the crime itself, which seemed to point to a new cadet, Haida, murdering their own S.O. due to said soldiers constant bullying of his target. The circumstances seem simple as well: An argument breaks out between the defendant and victim, and in a fit of rage, Haida executes his commander.

However, after looking into the case with more detail, things seem a bit off. More than one source seems to indicate that the suspect was in the bathroom at the time of the murder, some seemingly unrelated documents were found burned at the crime scene, and a strange tablet was also found there.

After investigating some ruins near the base and a quick fight with Ainz's forces, they find their way into an underground temple, with mysterious ruins everywhere. A voice is heard, beckoning them deeper into the temple. After solving a quick puzzle, they find themselves in a room with a rather violent man who works for the JPSDF. They interrogate him about what he saw, quickly exposing him as the real killer. While he confesses he killed the man due to his horrible treatment of Haida, he had nothing to do with the burned papers. He is later taken into the Spartan Training Program as punishment to become a super soldier.