Hey everybody, it's the original Special Dork here to give you lots of information about the best Doodle, that is me.  If you're wondering where your impartial narrator seems to have gotten to you can just forget about that for now.

There are a lot of things I can say about myself but I'll be sure to stick to the Autism Chrono timelines so nobody gets confused. I'd like to share that time I threw Flare off a bridge but that's neither here nor there.

Summary Edit

I'm just a catdoodle from the catdoodle dimension.  Originally stated from the country of "Florea" but that's kind of in flux since florida is used for other things. I'm currently thinking of trying to anchor us on "Findia" but that would mean having the worst parts of Finland and India and nobody wants those.

I'm a mad scientist by trade, and I do my civic duty by making sure to terrorise the countryside as a mad scientist. When I'm not doing that, I'm hanging out in my mad science lab where I help cultivate the brilliant cutting edge scientists of tomorrow hone their individual crafts. Inside said lab I also host a massive scale killing game.

Chrono AppearencesEdit

I show up a few places. Dimensional travel is pretty good for talent scouting and sowing chaos when the local police are still mad about me burning down orphaned homes.

Autism Chrono 3Edit

My first big appearence was as the specially christened "Special Dork" slot in the autism chrono. Me and Zarkus were mostly scouting around Disney worlds when I noticed a temporal disturbance from a certain time stopping vampire. We decided to check things out and then I got roped into helping a mister "MatPat". I decided to play along and we posed as the space police. We also were basically the ride between worlds so I guess that kind of helped. I mostly did my own investigation in the background, except that time we went to the incredibles world and I had some superhero showdowns. Let me tell you, nothing like making an empath cry by just existing near a crime scene.

Outside of being the main ride, I provided meta-evidence when appropriate (Things like "a VHS copy of the Lion King") and also was the first and only person to ever perform a c=]Debate Duel> gimmick. I'm still refining that one, but I make my nephews argue with me once a week for their allowance. I was also the person with the light blue chaos emerald, but it's ability kind of sucks when it's a percentile roll to activate and the other guy just hits you during a cutscene.

Paper Mario: ChronologyEdit

I make a small return after dimensional shenanigans take a hike. There was this old fart who just happened to be an Uncle like me and sure enough I had some respect for that. So I got a little comfy with the Mafia, got myself some sham judging job, and even planted my own detective into the investigation. It was fun making everyone squirm a little bit but mostly I just yelled at Hanz because he drew on his blobs.


I can't deny it if you don't tell me what it is first - MeEdit

There's nothing really to say. I do what I want when I want how I want.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I guess I can be a bit predisposed to lending a helping hand to people who are giving an honest effort to something, protecting and doting on my nieces and nephews, and also to forcing ironic endings to things. My entire existence is an ironic meme anyways.

Also, if you haven't noticed from this page, I am a tad controlling and I ramble a bit.

Notable FeaturesEdit

Now you're probably waiting for some powerwank stuff where I show all of my cool gadgets and how I can beat Goku's teleporting meme, the Flash, and the IRS going after Yoshi's Tax Fraud allegations in a race. Since I'm a Mad Scientist, that means EVERY science is under my list of masteries.  That means even the magical ones.  Yep, I'm a SSS rank wizard.  That doesn't even exist by Wizard Federation standards but they're all a bunch of fops anyways so they can deal with it.

The big feature of mine is that I have the capability to bring my will to bear no matter when, where, or how. I even cross dimensions on the regular, illegally sure but that doesn't mean I'm not doing it on the regular. Still, even I know I'm not god-level powerful and I know when to back off from stepping on the wrong shoes.

I will say so far I have been holding back. I've unlocked my true potential, but it's not always appropriate. Overshadowing other people's journies is rude and stunts their personal development as people. Perhaps one day a multi-cosmic level threat might let me go full ham. But until then I'm content in being uselessly cryptic purely to annoy people.


Meow FamilyEdit

I love my nieces, my nephews, their father, and even his wife even though I was trying to hook him up with someone better and he just chose THAT Thot out of spite.

Sometimes I'll yell at them but it's for their own good.

Lab Minions (Zarkus, ect)Edit

I treat my underlings with the utmost respect. Unless they're being stupid or I feel like being a meme, then I fuck with them for days, weeks, months on end. Zarkus is a bit on my shitlist for starting a revolutionist movement on my Mars base but I can't blame him.

Sherlock (Autism 3)Edit

Cool guy, and I'll always thank him for giving me the memory of beating up Barack Obama with celery and holograms.